Ready for a Change? Raleigh NC Website Design and Marketing Tips.

Raleigh NC Website Design Tips

Technology and it’s ever changing ways recently caused a shift in the marketing arena and changed the way that information is consumed. To get familiar with these changes, TigerHive Creative Group has compiled a few key words that will help you in your research, and get you familiar with things to know about technology today.

Raleigh NC Website Design Tip 1: Content Management and WordPress
WordPress is a dominate part of the market, and has been for the last few years. With millions of users, and thousands of developers and creators, it’s no wonder WordPress is the most searched site. With great social capabilities and an awesome search engine, WordPress is the site to use. According to the statistics provided by Yoast, “25% of all new websites developed in 2011 were built on WordPress, which is now responsible for 15% of the top 1M sites in the entire world”

Raleigh NC Website Design Tip 2: Go Mobile
13% of internet traffic comes from a Mobile device. More than 50% of tourism and restaurant traffic comes, also, from Mobile devices or tablets. With that being said, having a mobile friendly website is important. For small businesses, doing well locally in 2013 and 2014 depends on the presence of your mobile web site. If you need help with your website design, and are interested in having it mobile friendly, be sure to contact us at TigerHive Creative Group. We will be sure to steer your site away from Flash, and on to something that’s more mobile friendly. Unfortunately, Flash is not supported on iOS devices.

Raleigh NC Website Design Tip 3: Flash to HTML5 (Conversion is a Must)
According to Adobe, owner of Flash technology, they’ve decided to move away from the entire product. Fortunately, web designers can do almost everything in HTML5 that could be done in Flash. We take pride in our web designs at TigerHive Creative Group and do what we can to keep up with the ever changing trends and web technology. If you’re interested in building a website for your company, be sure to contact us or visit our website,

Raleigh NC Website Design Tip 4: Design Responsively
Designs and advancements should respond to the user’s behaviors, environment, and preferences. At least when it’s based on based on screen size, platform and orientation. TigerHive Creative Group designs websites that people want. We do what we can to create a one-stop-shop, that includes, photography, graphics, illustration, digital prints, and more. To read more about our specific services, visit

Raleigh NC Website Design Tip 5: Social Media Involvement
Social media is a huge part of the technological world today. It’s only getting bigger and better. It’s a good idea to have social media intergraded on your website. It’s just as important as having basic navigation. Having social media links on your website will help steer your customers and potential customers to a place where you can market and have customer interaction for free; everyone loves that! The race to devise more thoughtful ways to intergrade social media into websites has begun. New ideas are helping with content sharing and will increase your marketing reach, as well as SEO ranking.

All the above probably seems a little hard to absorbed. Don’t worry! TigerHive Creative Group is here to do our best to ensure that your website is refreshed at all times. We will take advantage of all the information above and optimize your site to better serve you or your business. If you have any questions or would like to consider working with TigerHive Creative Group and their web design company, and are in the Raleigh NC area, be sure to call or visit our website, today!

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