Building Your Brand Through a Quality Logo Design

Building Your Brand Via Raleigh Graphic Design

“A brand is a company’s face to the world. It is the company’s name, how that name is visually expressed through a logo, and how that name and logo are extended throughout an organization’s communications. A brand is also how the company is perceived by its customers – the associations and inherent value they place on your business.” As quoted from, Raleigh graphic design experts couldn’t agree more.

As our Raleigh graphic design team has expressed in the previous blog posts, a logo is one of the key components to building your business’s brand. If the logo isn’t eye-catching, story-telling, and relevant to the business’s overall message, it’s hard to build a brand altogether. That’s why we are offering a few tips that will help you redesign or design a logo that works hand in hand with your business’s name and story. These tips help you refrain from making mistakes that can lead to a less than quality logo; one that doesn’t tell a story or visually express your business name.

Logo Designing Tips | Raleigh Graphic Design

Sizing: While having a logo designed for your business, it’s important to keep in mind one thing; your logo might be reproduced in many different sizes throughout its lifecycle. Choosing to design a logo that only looks great on a business card won’t help you when you need to blow it up for a flier or poster. The same goes for the opposite. Many businesses have a logo designed that’s large enough to fit on a billboard or sign for the front of the building but never consider that they might need it on a business card or letterhead. Create a logo that looks great both small and large. Having a design that’s scalable is key!

Don’t Go Overboard: Shadowing, embossing and gradient tint can make your logo look great on paper. The problem is, those types of graphic designs are hard to reproduce on other types of material. A simple graphic design will make your logo look great no matter what it’s printed on and it will also guarantee an easy reproduction!

In our next post, our Raleigh graphic design team will offer one final tip that will help you create the best logo to benefit your business’s brand and recognition.

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