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Did you know that mobile devices are storming the nation? We are sure you’re aware, but the statistics below offer a more in depth at just how important they are to us. Not only do millennials use them, but also those in a professinal work environment, as well. Many use them to watch instructional videos, marketing videos, and shop online.

Are you currently taking your web presence to a level where your videos and other content will be visible on mobile devices? If not, the statistics below will help you understand why it’s important you do.

  • 50% of millennials use their smartphones to research products or services while shopping, and 41% have made purchases using their phones. (leaderswest Digital Marketing Journal)
  • 64% of decision-makers read their e-mail via mobile devices. (Mark the Marketer)
  • 71% of users access social media from a mobile device. (Jeff Bullas)
  • 75% of smartphone owners watch videos on their phones; 26% at least once per day. (NewsCred)
  • 78% of Facebook users are mobile-only. (Rocket Post)
  • 94% of CMOs plan to use mobile applications within the next 3-5 years. (Marketing Land)
  • Almost half–48%–of all emails are opened on mobile devices. Yet 39% of marketers say they have no strategy for mobile email, and only 11% of e-mails are optimized for mobile. (Mark the Marketer)
  • E-mail is the most popular activity on smartphones among users ages 18-44. (Mark the Marketer)
  • Mobile is the channel of choice for keep relationships with existing customers alive because it cuts through the clutter of email and social. (Forbes)
  • Over half of all mobile searches lead to a purchase. (Rocket Post)

If you don’t currently have a website that’s responsive, it might be time to get one. In addition, remember that all graphics should be able to convert to mobile websites or responsive ones, as well.

Instructional Video Production Raleigh NC

It’s important to remember how influential video is in today’s time. Everyone wants to watch a video. Whether it’s an instructional video production in Raleigh NC, entertaining, or educational, video is the way of the world. Don’t let your competitor beat you time and time again, because your business isn’t taking advantage of the power of video.

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