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OWNJEH LLC Food Manufacturer came to TigerHive Creative Group in need of a new label for their Rice Sauce. As well as a Logo design for OWNJEH Produce Manufacturing. After producing several design concepts, the company selected this label for final print and production. We look forward to more designs and collaborations with the Team at Ownjeh including a website coming soon! Our graphic design studio located in the heart of the Cary/Raleigh, NC area was just what OWNJEH was looking for. We worked tirelessly to make a label that will help kickstart the brand. Most importantly, we were intent on combining the honesty and elegant style with which the food is prepared into our design. We ended up with a creative mix of charm and simplicity that catches your eye while allowing you to focus on the product.

OWNJEH Rice Sauce is that extraordinary taste which comes only from home style cooking. A blend of fresh peppers, tomatoes, onions, spices and natural flavors cooked with extra care, the old fashioned way, to enhance the flavor and taste. A rice sauce for all. OWNJEH Rice Sauce is fully cooked and can be served with or without meat. It’s especially good with beef, chicken or fish!

Graphic Design Raleigh NC
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