Simple Graphic Design Rules

Graphic design in Raleigh NC can be hard to understand if you’re just starting out with a logo or web presence. There are thankfully a few essential rules that will help you understand what to do and how to achieve a professional look with your design. In addition, it will help you work with your graphic designer on what you want to see within your designs.

Simple Rules | Graphic Design in Raleigh NC


Designs should stand out on your website or logo. Make sure they do so by adding contrast to your images and color choices. For light colored fonts, use a dark background and vice versa!

Font Palette

The best way to build a brand and offer familiarity to your customers is through a strong, comfortable font palette.

According to, “Try choosing a heading font, subtitle font and body text font. Pick a bold font that stands out for your heading, and simpler subtitle and body fonts.”

Color Scheme

Making sure the color scheme you choose matches your brand is tricky. It’s important to make sure you choose colors that speak. Choose 2-3 colors that will build trust and show that you’re an established, reliable company and then move on from there. Just make sure the colors are consistent and coordinate well with each other.

Next step when it comes to design, is to choose your color scheme. Is your brand fun and fresh, or established and trustworthy? Choose colors that reflect this ‘brand personality’. Start with 2-3 main colors and build from there. Use these colors consistently.

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