How to Use Lightboard To Enhance Your Training

Consider it the latest and greatest way to capture your audience through Lightboarding. Haven’t heard of a Lightboard located in Raleigh, NC?

A Lightboard is an innovative technology that is an interactive and eye grabbing solution for instructional videos, live webinars and much more. To get into specifics, the Lightboard technology is simply a special glass that the instructor writes on with fluorescent markers. It’s very similar to a white-board you would use in a classroom. However the difference with the lightboard is you are being recorded on camera. The special glass allows you to do fun, interactive training as well as integrate powerpoint, graphics, and much more into your presentation.

Top 5 Reasons Lightboard is Effective:

  1. Interactive
    The Lightboard is an interactive way to teach, explain or instruct over a longer period of time.
  2. Live Webinars
    We have the capability to do Live Lightboarding through platforms such as GoToMeeting and WebEx with little to no delay in video.
  3. High Quality HD Recording
    We have capabilities to record your session so that you don’t have to do always have to do live sessions.This allows you to reach more of your audience and add a level of professionalism to your videos. We use high quality cinematic cameras that produce the best quality picture.
  4. Integration of Graphics & Powerpoint
    With the Lightboard, we have production capabilities to integrate your powerpoint presentation in conjunction with your Lightboard presentation.
  5. Two Cameras
    In addition, we have a second camera to continue to engage your audience and give some space between you and the Lightboard.

For more information on our studio or the Lightboard located in Raleigh, NC, check out our Lightboard page.



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